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A Hymn (Song) for San Lorenzo Ruiz:
Lorenzo Ruiz, Martir Music Video with Lyrics
MV Created  by: Emily G. Sequeira 
Sung by: Magnificat Chorale

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Lorenzo Ruiz, Martir.pdf

Lyrics:  Celso Al. Carunungan
Music: Dom Benildus Maramba, OSB

Our Vision 

We, the people of God of the Parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Diocese of Malolos, called to the fullness of life in God, envision building a living, loving, praying and serving Christian community with the guidance and patronage of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila.

Our Mission 

As a token of our revitalized faith and sincere dedication to San Lorenzo Ruiz, we sincerely commit ourselves to:

1. Propagate the good news of our Lord to the responsive community thru various relevant religious activities, especially that of the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

2. Create Basic Ecclesial Communities relevant and responsive to the development and enhancement of the spiritual, moral and material needs of human beings, especially those less fortunate ones, and

3. Come up with programs and projects based on the Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP) for the development of revitalized faith towards a renewed Church.

History of the Parish

For several years (from 1986-2000), the Pleasant Hill community has been a sub-parish of St. Peter Parish, Tungkong Mangga under the pastoral care of the benevolent and committed Rev. Fr. Manuel M. Manicad as the Parish Priest. Those years have seen many of the parishioners played an active role in building the People of God through their participation in the different liturgical and pastoral programs of the parish.

On July 3, 2000, God in His unfathomable mercy gifted the community a hardworking and charismatic religious leader through the person of Rev. Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra. Since that time, the “good shepherd” has been tending his flock so well making sure that the “lost ones” be found, stay forever as well and wander no more.

On September 24, 2000, Fr. Mar Ladra was installed as Priest-in-Charge by the Rev. Bishop Rolando Tria Tirona, Bishop of Malolos. Different sub-parishes were established which include Pleasant Hill, Diamond Crest, Marcela V, Rosanna Heights, Ciudad Real and dela Costa IV. The days and months that followed had witnessed the Parish Pastoral Council and the different mandated organizations as “beehives” of activities.Healing masses, novenas, Blessed Sacrament adorations, vigils, retreats, recollections and other meaningful events were organized to enhance and deepen the parishioners’ relationship with God and with one another.

Recognizing the importance and the esteemed place of St. Lorenzo Ruiz in our hearts, a unique name with a profound meaning was given as a fitting title to the festival of the beloved patron saint: SAMBUKLOD— acronymn for Sambayanang Buhay at Umuunlad Kasama si Lorenzong Dakila. Thus, Sambuklod Festival, was born and the very first was held from September 14-23, 2001 marking also the birth of a tradition and the community’s own religious and social identity.

At this time, the growing number of church goers was evident and the need for a bigger church edifice was felt. However, there was no place, no land to build the church. Prayers, petitions and masses were offered. Parishioners discussed, argued, searched, negotiated and prayed for a suitable and affordable land for the new place of worship.

On June 2002, Fr. Mar Ladra embarked on his First Mission Appeal to the U.S.A. to raise funds for the church lot. Generous friends, relatives, donors and benefactors were asked to give their share. But God cannot be outdone in His generosity—He has given a land to build His Sanctuary WITHOUT ANY COST!

On September 2002 during the 2nd Sambuklod Festival’s Thanksgiving Mass, Ms. Janet Reyes, Vice President of MFR Farms and Hillman Realty handed the land title and deed of donation to Bishop Rolando Tirona awarding a 1,000 sqm. piece of property to the Diocese of Malolos. As bright as the morning sun, GOD MADE A WAY! And onwards the faithful trailed, followed and journeyed with HIM. . .

After four months, the Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on January 19, 2003. This signaled the start of church construction. Engineer Leo Nicolas and Architect Joseph Herrera were also God-sent. With their expertise rendered freely for the church and with workers toiling for GOD, the pillars and the foundation of the New Church slowly took shape.

Different fund raising campaigns were initiated—“Sponsor a Lot Fund Campaign,” raffles, bingo socials, solicitations and love offerings. But the P15 M worth church project dwarfed the funds raised through these initiatives. Nevertheless, the faithful’s zeal, energy, prayers, hope and trust in the Lord were never found wanting.

On September 2003, the 3rd Sambuklod Festival was held on a bigger, wider scope as it has been adapted by the City Council of Tourism as the official festival of this city. The sub-parish of Pleasant Hill Sambuklod dancers, a CHAMPION for three consecutive years for the Street Dancing Competition (Mardi Grass), grabbed the Hall of Fame Award.

The following month, October 2003, Fr. Mar embarked on his second Mission Appeal. He traveled to Michigan, Tennessee, Los Angeles and New York armed with nothing but prayers and his undying passion and ardor to realize this Sanctuary be built the soonest possible time. This time, GOD blessed his mission abundantly and were able to complete the New Rectory and Belfry.

On January 2004, some parish leaders and staff together with Fr. Mar prepared documents for the change of status of the parish from a quasi– parish to a full-pledged parish.Finding the documentations in order and upon review and analysis by Bishop Jose F. Oliveros, DD, Apostolic Administrator, Diocese of Malolos, the appeal met with approval during the meeting held on January 27, 2004, Tuesday, the day when St. Joseph Healing Masses are held in honor of the parish’s Second Patron Saint.  Immediately afterwards, the Canonical Establishment and Solemn Proclamation of the Parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila was set on March 14, 2004. Rev. Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra was likewise installed as its First Parish Priest on this date that took place with sacredness and grandeur! God’s Hands were really at work! And with allies in HEAVEN like St. Joseph, Mama Mary and St. Lorenzo Ruiz—who can ever fail those who put their trust in HIM?                                                                                           by:   E.G. Sequeira (September 2004)

Church  Milestones:

  • January 19, 2003 - The Building of a New Church Edifice (Groundbreaking Ceremony)
  • March 14, 2004 - Solemn Proclamation and Canonical Establishment of the Parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz de   Manila, together with the Canonical Possession and Liturgical Installation of Rev. Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra as its first parish priest
  • March 13, 2005 - First Year Anniversary of Canonical Establishment as a Parish and Blessing of the Church’s Choirloft and Kids’ Cryroom
  • January 22, 2006 - Consecration and Dedication of the Church of San Lorenzo de Manila

Our Patron Saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila

San Lorenzo Ruiz has long been venerated as the First Filipino Saint and Martyr. Born of a Chinese father and a Filipina mother, he grew up as a devout Catholic and served as sacristan and later on as escribano for the Dominican priests in Binondo.  It was in 1636 when he was implicated in a crime he did not commit that the Dominicans sent him on a mission to escape unjust persecution.  As God willed it, the mission brought him to Japan, where feudalism had already fanned the persecution of Christians.  He was almost instantly captured upon reaching the foreign shore.  Once held captive, Saint Lorenzo was given a chance to denounce his faith but he refused.  He had the strength of character to say that, " If I had a thousand lives, I would offer it  all to the Lord..." As a result, he was tortured and executed on top of the hill of Nagasaki for his unwavering fealty to his faith.

Patron of Many Parishes 

As a martyr and saint, he represents our county's bid for holiness and it is not surprising that a lot of Filipinos look up to him as a guide.  He is recognized as the "Santong Madaling Lapitan" if only because he is a fellow Filipino, a kababayan.  There must be more than a dozen parishes and quasi parishes which took him on as their patron saint.  And amongst these communities of believers, one of the best stories to be heard is that of San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Parish in San Jose del Monte in Bulacan. 

(Source: 10th Sambuklod Festival Souvenir Program, 2011)

"Sanlibo man aking buhay, sanlibo ring iaalay.

Sanlibo kong kamatayan, sa palad Mo ilalaan."

"If I have a thousand lives, a thousand times, a 

thousand deaths I'd offer them all to Thee." 

                                              - St. Lorenzo Ruiz 

Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra, the first parish priest of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish with his best-selling prayer book, "Straight from the Heart."

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Profile of the First Parish Priest

Fr. Mario Jose C. Ladra is the son of Mateo and Elpidia Ladra. He hailed from Calauan, Laguna and was born on February 4, 1953. He finished his secondary school at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary, Makati City. After high school Fr. Mar, as fondly called by friends, enrolled at the San Sebastian College and tucked along with him the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He worked at FNCB Finance and Far East Bank for about 5 years.

After making discernment that God is calling him to work in His Vineyard, Fr. Mar returned to the Seminary in 1983 and finished his Theological Studies at the Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelors degree in Sacred Theology (STB). He has also earned his M.A. in Pastoral Ministry in the same school of theology. He was ordained to the Order of Prysbiterate on March 9, 1989 by the Most Rev. Cirilo R. Almario, Jr. D.D.  He is the editor of the best-selling prayer book, "Straight from the Heart, A Prayer Companion," which has been translated in several languages such as Filipino, Cebuano and  Hiligaynon.  Fr. Mar did not only touch the lives of thousands of people thru this prayer book but also uplifted the socio-economic status of the ulta-poor families and individuals having founded and established the San Lorenzo Ruiz Charity (SJDMC), Inc. in 2004.

As a priest, Fr. Mar is blessed by the Lord with the Gift of Healing. Healing Mass is held at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church every Tuesday at 10 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening.  Many devotees were miraculously healed through the powerful intercession of St. Joseph, another well-loved saint of the parish.


1989 - 1991 Spiritual Director/Professor
                       San Pablo Regional Seminary, Baguio City
1991 - 1996 Dean of Seminarians Professor
                       Immaculate Conception Major Seminary, Guiguinto, Bulacan
1996 - 1998 Parochial Vicar
                       Immaculate Conception Parish , Sta. Maria, Bulacan
1998 - 1999 Parochial Vicar
                       St.Michael Parish, San Miguel, Bulacan
1999 - 2000 Parish Priest
                       San Jose Quasi-Parish, San Jose, San Miguel, Bulacan
2000 - 2004 Priest-in-Charge
                       San Lorenzo Ruiz Quasi Parish,
                       Pleasant Hill Subdivision City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
2004 - 2013 Parish Priest
                          San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish,Pleasant Hill, CSJDM,Bulacan
                          Founder and Program Director
                          San Lorenzo Ruiz Charity - Consuelo Chito Madrigal Foundation
                          Pleasant Hill, CSJDM, Bulacan

The Parish Pastoral Council and Sub-Parish Pastoral Councils

  • Parish Pastoral Council 2002-2004
    Parish Pastoral Council 2002-2004
  • Parish Pastoral Council 2010-2011
    Parish Pastoral Council 2010-2011
  • Parish Pastoral Council 2011-2012
    Parish Pastoral Council 2011-2012
  • SPPC Dela Costa 4
    SPPC Dela Costa 4
  • Pleasant Hill Coordinators
    Pleasant Hill Coordinators
  • SPPC Ciudad Real
    SPPC Ciudad Real
  • SPPC Diamond Crest
    SPPC Diamond Crest
  • SPPC Marcela 5
    SPPC Marcela 5
  • SPPC Rosanna Heights
    SPPC Rosanna Heights
Parish Pastoral Council 2002-2004
Parish Pastoral Council 2002-2004

Services and Mass Times:

Weekdays:  Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM (Mass in Filipino)

                      Tuesdays:  Healing Mass, 10 AM and 6:30 PM (Mass in Filipino)

Weekends:  Sunday,  6:30 AM (Mass in Filipino)

                                        10:00 AM (Mass in English)

                                         6:30 PM (Mass in Filipino)

Confession:  Daily before the Mass 

Baptism:  Every Sunday,  11:00 AM,  Short Catechesis on Baptism at 10:30 AM

Confirmation:  Every Annual Fiesta in September or if there are other dates, TBA

Marriage:  To be scheduled at the Parish Office 

Anointing of the Sick:   Anytime, call the Parish Office 

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